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D.D.Dowdy (E)

Founder Dorian Dave Dowdy

Who I am: I am a 66 year old American professional, US and German educated with over 40 years working and consulting experienced primarily for American companies in Germany and associated partner of an international operating consulting group.

  • 8 years of experience as an accountant in retail and merchandising.
  • 8 years of experience as accountant, financial analyst and internal auditor in the restaurant business. (McDonalds).
  • 11 years experience in the computer and electronics industry starting as Financial Controller and working up through the ranks to
    European Financial Director.
  • 6 years independent status (hotel branch, computer branch, IT branch, financial services branch).
  • I know Germany like the back of my hand and have good business contacts with many influential people here and throughout Europe.

With me you will write in black ink!

   In short, I have had a very successful career in Munich and am offering my experience to those American and international companies (service, sales, high tech) who are considering gaining a foothold in Europe and are thinking of forming a start up company in Germany. I have thorough knowledge of setting up businesses and can perform all mentioned functions in a practical, efficient manner with an interest of optimizing your expense budget in this market. I would also like to emphasize my in-depth understanding of the German business community achieved through my many years of working at high level functions.
  If you think that you can use my talents, then we should get together!